About NOOB

Siege Perilous is a Player vrs. Player shard, with a rule set very different than any other in Sosaria. It is designed to be challenging, and offers a truely astonishing level of freedom. For the most part, the only rules on Siege are the ones maintained by the citizens. Yes, there are murderers, thieves, and cheaters here - but there are also crafters, role players, decorators, merchants, and what could be thought of as vigilanties that hunt down the scoundrels of society. Learning the customs of Siege can be painful.

New to Siege [NOOB] is a guild designed to help a new player, or a returning one, get acclimated to the diverse culture of Siege. We will supply you with a few basic goods to get you started, but more importantly we will teach you how to meet your own needs. Siege is not a shard for the lazy or weak willed.

The [NOOB] tag announces you as a new player, and this guild has brokered a treaty with the majority of the more aggressive citizens to go easy on anyone bearing that flag. This is by no means any guarantee of security - especially if you make a nuisance of yourself.

To uphold that treaty, NOOB members must maintain strict neutrality. You may do as you wish when you graduate, but while a NOOB you may not attack, kill, loot, rob, or cheat any player. Membership is about a month. If you use your time wisely, you will have gained enough skill and met some players so that you have a home waiting for you when you graduate.

Come, give this exciting land a try. You may wonder how you ever enjoyed Trammel.
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